New Arrivals and More


A new game got added to the collection today and that game is Ghost Stories. A few weeks ago I told myself I can’t buy anymore games until I played everything I have currently. Regrettably (albeit unsurprisingly) I did not stick to that restriction. However, this is not all I have for you today. Behold:

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was replacing the box for our Pass the Pigs game as the original box was, to be frank, unadulterated crap. Anywho, I picked up a .99 cent papier-mâché box at Hobby Lobby and my talented fiancée painted it this morning to look like an old school butcher shop sign. I, for one, think it turned out brilliantly.  (I’m just now realizing that maybe some of you don’t know, but if you click on the thumbnails in these mosaics, it will take you to a large version of the picture. My phone takes outlandishly large pictures.)


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