Creepypasta Games – 1: 11 Miles

To mark the Autumnal Equinox (that was today, the 22nd, by the way) and in anticipation of October and all the glorious spookiness it brings, I’ve decided to start a series of posts on games that come from various creepypastas. I’ll include a description of each game, the rules, and any required components that one would need if they were to play it.

While I am not planning on playing any of these myself (call me a coward), at least not alone, I’ll leave it up to all of you to decide whether or not you’d like to tempt fate and play them yourselves. After all, it’s just some story on the internet, right?


11 Miles

Do you have something that you truly, relentlessly desire? Despite your state of life, is there something else that you would go completely to the end of the world to get? Well lucky for you, there’s a way to achieve what you’re looking for, and you won’t need to go to the end of the world to get it. But you will need to go somewhere, and the place may be too out of reach for some. It’s not far away, closer than one may believe but there’re requirements that some individuals may not meet.”

How Many Participants:

  • 1

Components/Requirements for Play:

  • A vehicle; preferably a vehicle that you are familiar with the operation of
  • The ability to operate your chosen vehicle for an undetermined, but presumedly long amount of time
  • The ability to operate your chosen vehicle with your eyes closed for an extended period of time
  • A well defined desire or wish

Playing the Game:

Here I’m going to break the game down into several parts or phases of play if you will.

I – Find the Right Road

The first thing you’ll need to do is, as we’ve discussed above, choose a vehicle that you will be using to play 11 Miles.  Once you’ve chosen your vehicle, wait for night to begin the game. (For the sake of transcription simplicity I’ll be assuming the chosen vehicle is a car.)

Once night has fallen, enter your vehicle and drive to the nearest wooded area. You should try to begin the game at a time when there are few other drivers out. It is important that the road you choose to drive on passes through the wooded area that you will be driving to. Once you arrive at the wooded area, drive into it staying on your chosen road.

As you are driving, begin looking at your surroundings. At this point you should be allowing your desire/wish to guide you along the road, it will lead you to the “real” road you’ll need to take. When you come to that road, you will know it and you will need to turn onto it and continue driving.

II – The Journey

If you need a moment to brace or prepare yourself before you start on the journey, now is your chance. You can stop the car for a moment and collect yourself. Do not start driving again until you are ready to start the journey.

When you are ready, begin driving on the road that you have been lead to. During the first mile, if it gets cold, you may turn the heater on. If you are feeling uneasy, take some time to admire the night sky. The sky will be completely full of stars, more than you have ever seen before. If the weather was cloudy or overcast when you began your drive, you will notice that the sky is now clear.

Continue driving into the second mile. At this point, it will get significantly colder. If you have not yet turned on your heater, you may do so.

Continue driving into the third mile. At this point, you may notice shadows in the trees around you. They may look human, but it is imperative that you ignore the shadows. During the third mile, the road you are driving on will turn to dirt if it wasn’t in the beginning. It is important the you remain in the center of the road, regardless of how narrow or wide it becomes.

Continue driving into the fourth mile. The number of shadows among the trees will increase and they will begin to speak to you. It will seem that you are hearing faint, unintelligble whispers. They will come and go; there’s nothing you can do to stop them. It is imperative that you do not actively listen to them or attempt to discern what they are saying.

Continue driving into the fifth mile. Here you will arrive at a clearing. To your left, the trees will disappear and reveal a seemingly endless lake with the moon above. You must refrain from looking at the moon for too long. The voices will also disappear for a time during this mile.

Continue driving into the sixth mile. At this point, the stars will vanish from the night sky, leaving it completely black. The clearing will have ended and you will be back in the woods. The only light you’ll have now will come from the headlights of your vehicle. Even if your headlights are in good, working order, they will flicker occasionally.

Between the sixth and seventh miles, if there is a radio in your vehicle, it will turn on by itself once the seventh mile begins. A voice will begin to speak to you through the radio and it will speak to you about your deepest fears. It is imperative that you ignore the voice until it fades out and leaves. You will be unable to turn off the radio.

Continue driving into the seventh mile. The shadows among the trees and their voices will return. The shadows may enter your vehicle and speak to you. It is imperative that you do not look at them. You should ignore them as best you can and eventually they may go away.

Continue driving into the eighth mile. If you are driving at an excessively high speed, slow down. The road will begin to lead you into sharp turns and they will be easier to handle at a slower speed. The cold will be almost unbearable, to the point that your heater won’t even make a difference. Your headlights will flicker more frequently and begin shutting off for a few seconds on occasion. If your headlights do shut off, you should break, but do not bring your vehicle to a complete stop. The shadows in the trees will begin screaming and laughing. You may hear nails clawing at your windows. Do not look to see what it is.

Continue driving into the ninth mile. Here, your vehicle will stall and your headlights will shut off. There is nothing that can be done to prevent this from happening. When this happens, you will need to close your eyes and keep them close. Begin trying to restart your vehicle. The shadows in the trees will surround your car, but, when you restart it, they will be scared away temporarily. When the vehicle is restarted, drive on as fast as you can.

Continue driving into the tenth mile. At this point, the voices will stop once more. The road will begin to smooth out again during the tenth mile. During the tenth mile you must not look in your rear view mirror.

Continue driving into the eleventh mile. At this point, your vehicle will lose all power again like it did during the ninth mile. This time, however, your vehicle will continue moving of its own accord. Far ahead of you, you will see a red light glowing. When you see the red light, close your eyes and cover them.

The red light is in another clearing and, once entered, you will begin to hear unimaginable noises from all around you. The cold that has been present from the beginning of the journey will turn into searing heat. At this point, you may feel the sensation of your flesh being burned away, but it will only be an illusion. Do not open your eyes while this is happening.

Once the eleventh mile has ended, your vehicle will restart. At this point, you should stop the vehicle and take a moment to collect yourself. When you feel ready, start driving again.

III – Ending the Journey

Continue driving until you arrive at a dead end. Here you should stop the vehicle. Do not attempt to continue driving. Relax and picture in your mind whatever your desire or wish is. It is possible that it will have changed since you behan your journey. If it has changed, that is fine. Picture you actually possessing it. Once you have done this, open your eyes slowly.

If your desire/wish was an object you will need to look in the trunk. If the object was small, look in the backseat. If the object was smaller still, check your pockets.

If you desire/wish was non-material you have only to return to your everyday life. Whatever it is will find its way to you in due time.

From here, you have two choices: go home or attempt the journey again.

IV – Cautionary Rules

At any point during the journey, you should not do any of the following things:

  • Do not turn on the CD player, MP3 player, radio, tape deck, or any other audio playback device.
  • Do not attempt to use cellular phones.
  • Do not open the windows.
  • Do not drive your vehicle faster than 30 miles per hour.
  • Do not leave the car.

At all times during the journey, you should keep your eyes on the road. And, whether you’re playing 11 Miles or not, you should keep your seat belt buckled.

And there you have it. That’s 11 Miles and this has been the first post in my Creepypasta Games segment. Over time, I’ll be tweaking the format of these posts and other whatnot. I’m excited to see where it goes. I hope you all enjoyed it. Also, I’m posting this past midnight because I’m pretty damned proud of how it turned out and I’m not going to wait until morning. And, hey, what better time to read something spooky than late at night.

The original 11 Miles creepypasta was written by Emeryy.


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