This Week On Kickstarter – 24

We have a lot of ground to cover today, so it’s best that we skip the usual (minimal) preamable and get right to it. Seven projects coming right up.


First up, we have DinoGenics; “a worker placement game where players compete to build the most successful and profitable dinosaur park. Each player takes on the role of a multi-billion dollar corporation, each with access to their private island park. Over the course of seven seasons, players will send workers to the nearby mainland to collect resources such as DNA, fences and other necessities needed to run a successful park.” Currently, the project is at $59,221 of its $30,000 goal, so it is already funded. It has another 24 days to go.


Next up, we have End of the Trail; “In End of the Trail, you are a prospector who has come to California to strike it rich during the gold rush of the 1840’s and 1850’s. Over the course of three rounds, you will be using cards to prospect the land and stake your claim to the best gold fields. But before you do, head to auction to secure your transportation to the gold fields and stack your hand for the future. In the end, players compare cards for their poker sets in an effort to win a little more gold and a fourth and final claim.” Currently, the project is at $12,826 of its $7,000 goal, meaning it is also already funded. It has another 24 days to go.


Next, we have Endure the Stars 1.5; “a fully cooperative Sci-Fi dungeon crawl for 1-6 players. Set aboard the planet colonising ship the N.W.E. Hikari, players take on the roles of the surviving crew in an epic struggle for their very lives. Scientists aboard the ship genetically engineered new life forms to explore the planets below but a catastrophic event known as the Fall, saw the creatures escape from containment. Now they rampage through the ship, killing anyone they come across. Players assume the roles of the remaining crew, salvaging whatever you can to survive.” Currently, the project is at $72,350 of its $52,261 goal, so it is already funded. Some of you may recall me backing the original launch of EtS when it was on Kickstarter and I’ll talk more about this one later in the post. It has another 16 days to go.

f3a3d2aa137f2c8c9817bac537a44a53_originalNext, we have Panzer Orders; “a stand alone game for solitaire and two-players and is fully compatible with the other Panzer Orders games and expansions. The game is quick to setup and play, it takes around 30 minutes to play a game and comes complete with everything you need.” Currently, the project is at $5,832 of its $914 goal, so it is most definitely funded. It has another 25 days to go.


Next, we have Patriots & Redcoats; “a card game of hidden identities and social deduction that plays in 20 minutes. In it, 4–10 players take on the roles of the Americans fighting to win independence and the British fighting to stop the rebellion. Watch out—there are spies and turncoats among you, and war by its nature can take on a character all its own.” Currently, the project is at $5,285 of its $9,999 goal. With another 27 days to go, this one has a very good chance of getting funded.


Next, we have Venture the Fog: Hydra; “a board game designed to be a suspenseful adventure of exploration, strategy, and gambling where you are immersed in epic battles.” Currently, the project is at $10,900 of its $100,000 goal. With another 24 days to go, this project has an almost nonexistant chance of getting funded, but I think it’s cool nonetheless.


Rounding us out this week, we have Wreck and Ruin; “a 2-4 player vehicle miniature combat game using elements of area control, resource management and a generous helping of vehicular violence, taking around 20 minutes per player. Create your own modular board from the selection of double-sided tiles, producing a new battlefield with every game. Play as one of the factions and drive your convoy out into the Wastes in search of fortune and glory.” Currently, the project is at $8,774 of its $28,744 goal. It needs to get roughly $20k in the next 25 days and, while it is possible, it’s not very probable.

What Am I Backing All the Way?

I have (sort of) three projects backed all the way right now. Those project are: Endure the Stars 1.5Patriots & Redcoats, and Venture the Fog: HydraP&R I just backed outright because I’m a sucker for both Revolutionary War era stuff and Werewolf clones. VtF:H I have an early bird pledge for and, with almost no chance of it getting funded as things stand, I see no harm in leaving my pledge level where it is and hoping for the best.

My pledge for EtS 1.5 is at one of the returning backer levels. These pledges are for those who already own the original game, but want the upgraded components (rules, cards, dashboards, board tiles, etc.) which I do, because I’ve only heard good things about the new version. If you didn’t back EtS on its first trip through Kickstarter, it is available through retail now or you can back it on Kickstarter now for the upgraded edition.

What’s My Favorite Project This Week?

Several of the projects really stood out to me this week, but I think my favorite this week has to be Patriots & Redcoats. It’s a different take on the classic hidden-role social game with a Revolutionary War theme and, AND, your hidden role can be George Washington. What more could you want from a game?

And now, the updates:


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