State of the Table – 2 – 10.23.17

The Table of Starry Wisdom – Changelog – 10.23.17

  • Added Noxford, Rise of Cthulhu, Siggil, and Star Wars: Imperial Assault to the “My Collection” page.
  • Added Sword & Sail to the “Print and Play Archive” page.
  • Added Endure the Stars, Gloom, and Star Wars: Imperial Assault to the “Release Lists” page.
  • Reformatted the “Release Lists” page.
  • Added Belly of the Beast to the “RPG Archive” page.

Most of what you see above (with the exception of the top item) has occured within the last few days. Yes, it’s been a pretty productive weekened for me. Multiple posts here, posts on my other blogs, and what you see above. Hopefully I keep it going now.

A line was drawn in the sand this week. I’ve told myself that there will be no purchases of new games (barring Kickstarter or a killer deal) until I’ve played all the unplayed games in my collection. Hopefully this will help motivate me to keep going on playing and reviewing.

Coming up, I’d still like to get some Halloween appropriate games played and reviewed. Black Plague and Endure the Stars probably won’t happen just yet, but I’m still shooting for at least one or two of either Crimson CreekGhost Stories, or either of the two Larklamp games that I have. We’ll see what happens. With Ghost Stories having a solo variant for play, this makes it the top contender right now.

You can also be on the look out for another “Creepypasta Games” post or two as we draw nearer to Halloween. I’m going to do some research and find some of the spookier ones in honor of the season.

My finacee and I have been playing Mice and Mystics with her sister and brother-in-law and it has reminded me how much I enjoy the game. I’m hoping to get a review of it up before to long as well, but I may also attempt a solo campaign and turn it into a serial post of sorts. We’ll see what happens.

That is all I had for you today. If you have any suggestions for/about something you’d like to see here on the blog, I’d love to hear from you. Just leave me a comment on this post and I’ll try to respond in a timely fashion and see if it’s something I can do. Comment notifications come to my personal e-mail, so you shouldn’t (usually) have to wait very long for a response from me. If you know me personally, it would probably just be faster to e-mail, text, or message me on Facebook though.

As is the (new) tradition, here is something to make your day a little better. See you all next time.



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