Introducing SPAIA

A few days ago I was looking at the games in my collection and wishing that I could play a few of the more, but I didn’t have enough players to do so (not on such short notice) and interest at my place in playing them is slim. So, I took action and that’s how I arrived at SPAIA.

SPAIA stands for Solo-Play AI Automation and it is a means to play multiplayer games on your own with minimal losses in terms of gameplay and challenge. This project is in its infancy right now. The first game that I tested this out for was Smash Up (you may have noticed that it also got a review on here today). I played a few games last night and worked out a system that I think is good for playing Smash Up by yourself against an automated opponent.

This morning I wrote those rules up, turned them into a shiny new PDF, and added them to the newly made SPAIA page on the blog here. From here on out, when I develop a set of SPAIA rules for a game, I’ll be adding it onto that page along with the official rules for the game (where I am able to do so).

It is my hope that SPAIA will provide some of you with more chances to play games that you enjoy that don’t see much time on your table or else don’t get much love from those in your gaming group.



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