RPG Archive

And this will be where I start sticking free rule sets and supplements for RPGs as I come across them. I’ll be listing everything here in alphabetical order.

Belly of the Beast

Belly of the Beast – Quick Start Rules


Conan – Quickstart Rules

Conan – The Pit of Kutallu – Adventure

Conan – Character Sheet Basic

Coriolis: The Third Horizon

Coriolis – The Third Horizon – Quick Start Rules

Cthulhu Dark

Cthulhu Dark – Complete

Dungeons and Dragons

Character Sheet (5th Edition) – Form Fillable

Dungeon Master’s Basic Rules (5th Edition)

Player’s Basic Rules (5th Edition)

Starter Set Pre-Generated Characters (5th Edition) 

Eclipse Phase

Eclipse Phase – Core Rules

Eclipse Phase – Firewall – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – Gatecrashing – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – Morph Recognition Guide

Eclipse Phase – Panopticon – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – Rimward – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – Sunward – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – The Stars Our Destination – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – Transhuman – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – X-Risks – Supplement

Eclipse Phase – Zone Stalkers – Supplement


Fleshscape – Core

Hulks and Horrors

Hulks and Horrors – Core


Risus – The Anything RPG

Risus Character Sheet

Stars Without Number

Stars Without Number – Core Rules

Mandate Archive – Bannerjee Construction Solutions

Mandate Archive – Bruxelles-class Battlecruiser

Mandate Archive – Cabals of Hydra Sector

Mandate Archive – The Dust

Mandate Archive – The Imago Dei

Mandate Archive – Martial Arts

Mandate Archive – The Qotah

Mandate Archive – Red Sangha Mercenary Corps

Mandate Archive – Scavenger Fleets

Mandate Archive – Stellar Heroes

Mandate Archive – Transhuman Tech